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Why You Need a Wedding Planner


Have you ever hosted a party and, at the end of it all, thought about who you hadn’t had a chance to, what special happenings you missed, or generally felt completely exhausted because of all the work it was?  Or worse, looked around and thought, “Oh goodness, now I have to clean it all up!”

Our mission at Jacaranda Events is to ensure that every one of our clients is able to enjoy their event, mingle and chat with guests, and hear people say, “this is the best ever!”, all while knowing that someone is making sure that everything is being orchestrated to their exact specifications.

We work with the best vendors, source the best suppliers and scour the world for those little, extra special touches that make your event stand out.



Our team has a combined 45+ years of experience in management, event planning and weddings.  We have established relationships with the top event providers in the Sudbury and Northern Ontario market and can ensure that you are matched up with the right professionals to put together your perfect day.  This may be your first wedding or your fifth event, but we do this every day!   


You're a busy person, and your time is worth money.  Not only can your Jacaranda planner save you time by taking on some of the responsibility for putting together your big day, but we have plenty of tips, tricks and opportunities to help you save money on your wedding - often our clients save more than the cost of our fee! 


Let your Jacaranda planner take care of contract negotiation, run interference in times of conflict, be a sounding board when you aren't sure or need to vent.  She can also take care of the fine details like budget management and vendor management.  You can have fun with planning, but let her deal with the less than awesome stuff!five_sixth]


Your Jacaranda coordinator will ensure your carefully put together plans are executed as directed, the timelines are followed and your wishes are respected.  Armed with their trusty emergency kit, your coordinator troubleshoots any issues that come up on the day and deals with them discretely so that you can focus on enjoying your day!