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Last Minute Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Posted by Cynthia Loiselle-Seguin on


Need a quick, last minute gift? Want to spruce up a gift card? I made these for my kids' teachers - and you can too... In under an hour and for less than $15!

You need:


From Bulk Barn:
7 oz of chocolate merckens
1 chocolate bark mold
1 mix in of your choice (I used maple bacon salt for the brown chocolate and crushed Oreo wafers (or crushed candy canes) for the white chocolate)

From Target:
1 paper box
1 gift card tin
A Christmas Cracker (I bought a box of 10. You can usually buy them super cheap after Christmas and keep them for next year.)
1 roll of clear cello wrap
Twine or string
Clear tape

To make the chocolate bark, melt 7oz of chocolate in a microwave safe container (I used a Pyrex measuring cup). Microwave on high for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until the chocolate is completely melted. Pour into clean chocolate mold of your choice. Sprinkle mix-in on top. (I stirred the Oreo in to make pretty swirls.). Place in fridge for 15 min to set.

While waiting for the chocolate to set, I scooted out to my local Starbucks for a gift card (and maybe a little caffeinated treat). Put the gift card in the tin with a Christmas cracker behind it.


Once cooled and set, gently pop the chocolate bark from the mold and wrap in cellophane wrap secured with tape. Place in between the gift card tin and the cracker. Wrap the basket up with cellophane wrap and finish with the twine/string. Et voila! A pretty, homemade and inexpensive gift, done in under an hour!

Happy Holidays!

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