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We are Celebrating Our Fifth Anniversary of Wedding Planning in Sudbury with BIG NEWS!

Posted by Cynthia Loiselle-Seguin on

As a professional event planner, I had SO many ideas as to how I was going to celebrate five years of planning weddings, coordinating corporate gatherings and celebrating life's events with our clients and friends!  

I had visions of a glamorous, bling adorned champagne reception with wine and cheese and adorable little canapés... then I thought about the fact that we have so many Jacaranda babies and amazing kids who are part of our Jacaranda families and thought a rustic and fun family BBQ with activities, a cold beverage bar and great music... and so on, and so on.

Then I took a step back and thought about what would be best for our team and our clients, and it hit me:  It was time to reinvest in the business and bring on some amazing people to help improve our client experience (and maybe give this old party girl and the magnificent Michelle a bit of breathing room!).  This sounds a lot easier than it actually is.  Jacaranda Events is known for being a little different than other wedding coordinators and planners.  We are a little kooky, a lot of fun and are known to be ready to think completely outside the square in order to bring our client's visions to life!  A lot of what makes our team special can't be taught... so I had to be patient as the search for the elusive unicorns launched.  It's actually been a work in progress for over a year, but I am super proud of the amazing team we have built!

Click here for an introduction to each of our fantastic unicorns, fairies and even a pegacorn!


Happy Planning!

<3 Cynthia


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